Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stat of the Week: Life Expectancies in Baltimore

"In West Baltimore's impoverished Hollins Market neighborhood, where the average life expectancy is about 63 years...Across town in wealthy Roland Park, where residents live on average to be 83"

It's crazy how great the dispairites are between two locations within a few miles of each other. Infant mortality and violence are probably the biggest contributors to this difference.


Bo said...

Wow. I am shocked and appalled. To put that into context, if you compare that to other nations within the western hemisphere, only Haiti has a shorter life expectancy.

Demers said...

That stat is nuts. I'm not suggesting turning your site into a stat-whore, but post more stats like that.

To what extent do such LE disparities exist within communities across America and the world?

Are there such disparities in countries with universal health care?

Do you predict this disparity will start disappearing if Obama signs into law universal health care?