Saturday, December 13, 2008

The All-Time Greatest College Football Teams: Where are they Headed?

(rankings as of 12/3/08, click on table for larger image)

The teams highlighted blue are likely to advance in the rankings in the future, while the teams in red look like they will fall based on the last ten year win percentage, 2009 recruiting rank, and current BCS rank. Any suggestions on how to make this more scientific?

Teams with a conference championship (Big Twelve, SEC) have a slight advantage. I also give an advantage t0 two teams with nice locations (USC, Texas). Let's not kid ourselves - many good players would rather play in the sun at USC instead of frigid State College. Notice Alabama has the worst win percentage in the last ten year, but seems to be turning it around with a nice year and a quality recruiting class. Nebraska and Tennessee seemed to be failing out of the spotlight lately, and with poor performances on the field and with recruiting it will be tough to regain momentum. Notre Dame has really lost it's luster lately, and it doesn't look like Charlie Weis will be the one to bring them back.

Pretty amazing how these powerhouses just keep going. Five of the top 10 teams are going to be playing the top tier bowls.

1. Win percentage statistics generated by stassen.
2. rankings of non-bcs teams from usa today.
3. 2009 recruiting rankings from rivals

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