Saturday, November 29, 2008

Stat of the Week: Health Care Costs

According to 2005 Paul Krugman article at the New York Times:

The following is per capita spending on Health Care

United States: $5,267 on health care/ $2,364 is government spending.
Canada: $2,931 on health care / $2,048 is government spending.
France: $2,736 on health care / $2,080 is government spending.

It's amazing how high our health care spending is. Hard to believe that our government spending on health care (medicare, medicaid, etc) is more than Canada and France's govt spending! My thoughts are that the biggest faults are the administrative costs that come with our insurance system. However I'm starting to believe that United States does not evaluate health decisions correctly, for instance over-emphasizing screening that does not extend or improve lives. More on this later, but as you can see in the following graph...yeah it's a problem.


Demers said...

First comment: Why is the purple a line? A second bar might make more sense.

Second comment: I think this graph is kind of misleading because it's aggregating so much information. Sure, the U.S. has higher spending, because rich people throw the number way off.

Third comment: Can you make the purple line instead the government spending per capita. I am shocked that Medicare / Medicaid costs more to cover only some people than the Canadians or French are paying for their whole populations.

Demers said...

Why Early Detection Is the Best Way to Beat Cancer

Dan said...

Thanks again for the article dre, it's a good one.